About Us

“If you personify chilling, RTS would be it”.


In the blazing summer of 2013, two youngsters fell in love with the chilled thick shakes” so much that they decided to revolutionize this segment completely. Ashish Patil and Vivek Tiwade were into the production of thick shakes and ice creams when they pondered upon multiple loopholes in the café industry and decided to rectify them. They researched and studied all aspects of the food business and started their own chain of RTS Café. From handling all social media marketing for the partners to providing them with the best in house manufactured ingredients, they are all set to inspire a new generation of food entrepreneurs. Their customer-centric ideas of serving in “take away shakes” resonate with the cult and loyal following that they have received in such a short span of time. Well, as creating the wonderful umbrella of joy with flavors and the taste was not enough, they are now on their journey of creating a new line of food entrepreneurs.

Ashish and Vivek are inspiring a revolution that will support creative and young minds to explore their love for food and creativity. They believe in the prospects of having long term investments in food and food processing technologies as there is no substitute for the dreams you see unless you are willing to invest in it with all your heart.

We are on our mission to instill confidence in young food entrepreneurs by supporting them in their journey of starting a dream cafe. Our start to end go-to support system is a robust mechanism that nurtures every aspect of this industry ranging from cafe kitchen set-up to social media marketing arrangements. Being in the hearts of youth, we strive to conquer more age groups with our exciting flavors and services. We are happy to provide all the in-house support ranging from interior designing to social media marketing arrangements for our partners. Having a robust on the ground support system to empower you with the best-in-class training, we cover every aspect of our business.

A dedicated team is built for café kitchens set up and to help you tie up with all the online food delivery partners. We are a team of enthusiastic and experienced professionals specializing in supply chain management and automating preparation processes to reduce the dependency on skilled labour. To summarize, we will help you to start from scratch and create a loyal customer base just with minimal investment.

If you feel us and our vision resonates with you, please fill the form and our franchise support team will get in touch with you after evaluating your information. Your dream of becoming a café owner is just a form away. Cheers!

Our vision is to empower smart entrepreneurs in the Café industry who are willing to start at low investments without having to compromise with the quality of offerings. Our curiosity and love for the food are all aimed at spreading joy and happiness through the gift of taste. We strive upon providing the utmost support to our partners and friends in creating a world of quality food in one place.

Our vision does not limit us with the existing range of offerings, we continuously invest in the Research and Development of new products to satiate the cravings of our customers and followers. We believe in creating a technology-rich and hassle-free environment for our cafes to operate smoothly and provide best-in-class facilities to our vendors. Moreover, we understand the enormous demand and opportunity this segment offers and are aiming to serve our part full time in it.

To enrich our customer’s lives by providing them with quality experience and services. Our common purpose is creating opportunities for the growth of all our partners and stakeholders. We strive towards creating smart food entrepreneurs by involving them in our pursuit of taste and quality. We are an organization of opportunity creators working with an extremely professional and dedicated team to help people rise and flourish.

RTS is inclined towards supporting young minds in understanding food business and helping them create their own dream cafe. Inspired by our founders, we strive towards creating a world of delicious offerings at minimal investment without having to compromise with the quality.

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